20% rabatt på alpint, snowboard och längd

*Erbjudandet gäller på stadium.se och i Stadiums butiker t.o.m. den 17/1 2021. Erbjudandet gäller på ordinarie- och paketpriser, dock ej på elektronik eller produkter som levereras direkt från våra samarbetspartners. Erbjudandet gäller ej i kombination med andra rabatter/erbjudanden, vid köp av presentkort, föreningsprodukter, vid betalning av Stadium Sports Camp, på Stadium Outlet eller stadiumoutlet.se. Rabatten dras av i kassan.

Giltigt t.o.m. 2021-01-17

20% rabatt på alpint, snowboard och längd Villkor

Products & fabrics

Sustainable Cotton

Organic cotton has less of a negative impact on the environment since it is naturally farmed from non-genetically modified crops without the use of synthetic agricultural fertilizers or pesticides. Without harmful substances in the farming process, organic cotton also means better health conditions for the farmers and workers involved.

In our partnership with BCI, Stadium commits to source 100% sustainable cotton by 2017/2018 by using Better Cotton and Organic cotton, as well as recycled cotton.

Soccer balls, handballs and beach volleyballs

It goes without saying that the products sold at Stadium should be manufactured ethically.

This is why we support the work of Fairtrade, and we are proud that all of our own soccer balls, handballs and beach volleyballs carry the Fairtrade label. When customers choose our Fairtrade-labeled products, we are able to make a difference for the employees of our suppliers.

Water bottles

All plastic water bottles sold at Stadium are Bisphenol A (BPA)-free and made from safe materials approved for foodstuffs in accordance with EU directives on plastics and packaging that comes in contact with foodstuffs. Most of our bottles are also made from bioplastics, a more environmentally friendly alternative to oil-based plastics.

Down and the Responsible Down Standard

We support the Responsible Down Standard in our use of down. The standard prohibits plucking from living birds as well as force-feeding. The goal of the Responsible Down Standard is to ensure that the waterfowl in the down supply chain are treated humanely. This is accomplished by providing the industry with the best possible tools to ensure that down and feathers do not come from animals that have been subjected to unnecessary harm and to institute a chain of custody system to validate the source material.