20% rabatt på alpint, snowboard och längd

*Erbjudandet gäller på stadium.se och i Stadiums butiker t.o.m. den 17/1 2021. Erbjudandet gäller på ordinarie- och paketpriser, dock ej på elektronik eller produkter som levereras direkt från våra samarbetspartners. Erbjudandet gäller ej i kombination med andra rabatter/erbjudanden, vid köp av presentkort, föreningsprodukter, vid betalning av Stadium Sports Camp, på Stadium Outlet eller stadiumoutlet.se. Rabatten dras av i kassan.

Giltigt t.o.m. 2021-01-17

20% rabatt på alpint, snowboard och längd Villkor

Eco-friendly laundry

At Stadium, we work hard to make sure our production has as little impact on the environment as possible. As a customer, you can help, too, since a garment affects the environment throughout its entire life cycle.

Do less laundry

Save both the environment and your clothes from a lot of strain by only washing them when they are really dirty. Try airing them out, brushing off dirt and removing stains with a moist rag instead of throwing them into the washing machine – this will help you save a lot of energy and water.

Fill up the machine

Always run the washing machine when it is full, but not too full. To test whether or not your washing machine is too full, slide your fist between your laundry and the top of the washing machine. If you can slide it in without having to press down, you have the right amount of laundry.

Low temperatures

Use low temperatures when you wash your clothes. Our garments are labeled with the highest allowed temperature, but you do not always need water that hot to get your clothes clean. Try keeping it at cold (30°C) or warm (40°C).

The right detergent

Use eco-labeled detergents that do not use phosphates and optic brighteners. Always follow the recommended dosage – using too much can impair the quality of the wash and make it harder for the machine to rinse.


Do not use the dryer unless you have to. It consumes a lot of energy and wears out your garments. Air-dry them instead if you can.

Avoid dry-cleaning

Chemical solvents used in traditional dry-cleaning affect the environment when released into nature. There are more environmentally friendly dry-cleaning techniques available today that clean clothes using only water and recycled carbon dioxide and do not create harmful emissions.

re:activate – Small gifts. Big differences.

Did you know that you can always leave your old clothes and sporting goods in Human Bridge’s collection boxes in our stores? Human Bridge then hands them out to people in areas where they are needed. This way you make a difference for someone in need and at the same time give new life to an old product. We collect all products regardless of their condition. That which cannot be re-used is sent for recycling.