Activate the World

Activate the World includes social engagement and partnership in the fields of health, fitness and well-being. The aim is to increase the positive impact on people’s health. This area concerns our own campaigns, partnerships, collaborations with clubs and associations, and events.


To counteract a sedentary lifestyle and improve health and well-being

To create the right conditions for equality in sport

To promote everybody’s equal right to an active lifestyle, whatever their background and circumstances

Sports movement

We realise our vision through club partnerships and social engagement.

Collaborations and initiatives

To actively contribute towards a sustainable world, we need to work with organisations and actors that share our values and want to bring about change. Creating a more sustainable world is all about teamwork, which is why we collaborate with organisations and actors that share our values and our desire to effect change.

Partnership and sponsorship

Stadium Foundation

We believe that an active lifestyle is a democratic right, and our vision has been to activate the world ever since we started in 1987. The Stadium Group therefore launched a money-raising foundation in 2019, which uses funding to help contribute to activities, projects, assignments and/or partnerships that are consistent with our vision.