Black week på Stadium – upp till 60% rabatt på utvalda produkter Shoppa


Do not throw away sport. We accept all products – worn out, broken or scruffy – and ensure that they are sent for recycling or to be re-used. A small effort on your part could make a crucial difference to somebody who really needs it.

We believe that motion and activity is a human right, no matter where in the world you live or what the economic and social situation is. Therefore, we want to contribute to a more active, sustainable and equitable world.

With Re:activate, we can work together with our customers – to give old products a new lease of life, utilizing the resources already available by the re-use and recycling of used sports products. This allows you to give somebody else the chance of a better life while, at the same time, helping to preserve the Earth’s resources by making better use of the lifespan of already-manufactured products.

The concept is simple: you just leave the sports equipment you no longer have a use for in the Human Bridge collection boxes, which you can find in every Stadium store.

Stadium and Human Bridge have had a successful partnership for several years and in past projects Human Bridge has collected more than 150,000 jackets, sneakers and soccer cleats in our stores, all of which will be handed out to people in need in countries like Romania, Iraq, Syria and South Africa.

A small effort from you can make a world of difference for someone who really needs it.

Human Bridge is a co-operation between Läkarmissionen and Erikshjälpen. It carries out projects every year in the form of material assistance in about thirty countries. Most of these countries are in Africa and Eastern Europe, but there are also recipients in Asia and South America.