Strategic guidelines

We have a focus on making our products last longer, in the best interests of the environment. Checks on quality, sustainability, safety and chemicals are constantly carried out on all our products.


Our products are tested both internally and by independent testing institutes to ensure that they comply with the latest safety and quality standards, which are governed by the laws of the countries in which we are active and by our own internal requirements. Checks on quality, sustainability, safety and chemicals are constantly carried out on all our products. Examples of tests we perform in-house:

• Fit
• Durability
• Functional properties
• Laundering and stability
• Chemicals

Chils safety

Our children’s range is subject to the strictest of rules. Our products are specially tailored to and designed for children and follow the EU’s standards (EN 14682:2014) on child safety. Our children’s clothing naturally also has to meet our own requirements concerning features, function, durability and safety. We therefore always subject all our products to a general risk assessment, in order to guarantee that the user is not exposed to any danger.

In addition, Stadium is actively involved in standardisation work relating to the safety of children’s clothing and follows industry recommendations. For example, we have detachable hoods on all our own-brand children’s outerwear.

Safety equipment

We adhere to the EU’s Declaration of Conformity for personal protective equipment.

To the Declaration of Conformity documents

Steering documents

In order to achieve our goals, we need tools and guidelines. In addition to naturally following laws and regulations, we have drawn up policies and governing documents to support us in our work. We have two governing documents relating to our suppliers: the Supplier Code of Conduct and the Code of Ethics. Internally, we have policies addressing working practices, health and safety, gender equality, diversity and recruitment. We also have further policies in areas such as the environment and GDPR, while in 2020 we are publishing our first factories list.

The Stadium Way

The Stadium Way is a document used to prevent corruption by our employees. It is part of our loyalty commitment and is an internal document that is signed by all employees at the time of employment.