At Stadium, we have a passion for action – large and small. From the simplest fitness session to the dream of a sustainable planet. We know that we need to be in balance, and so does our environment. And so we are continuing our work on responsible production that is good for humans, animals and the environment.

Our vision is to activate the world – today and tomorrow. Which is why we want to actively contribute to a more sustainable world. Our sustainability work is collected within our sustainability vision: Activating the World in Sustainable Ways. Acting in a socially, economically and environmentally sound way allows us to promote a healthy lifestyle now and for future generations.

Sustainability is part of our business strategy, and working on sustainability is one of our strategic priorities. Holding all this together is our Sustainability Council, which draws up an overall strategy and goals that the relevant working groups then break down into smaller parts, so that each department can focus on these in their everyday activities.

Our sustainability work is rooted in the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that aim to make the planet a better place. We have selected eight goals to focus on, as these are areas where we can have a greater influence in our business. Based on our eight selected goals, we have defined two main areas: Support the Earth, where the aim is to reduce the negative impact on the environment and on people’s health and well-being, and Activate the World, where we want to increase the positive effect we have on people’s health.

Stadium's Sustainability Labelling

In order for you as a customer to make sustainable choices more easily at Stadium, we have our own sustainability labelling. The heart.

The Sustainable Development Goals

Coming from the world of sport, we are very much goal-driven. We have clear strategic goals that help us to contribute towards a more sustainable world.

Annual and sustainability reports

Recognising the importance of acting responsibly, we want to further improve the way we report the work we do. We therefore hope that the Sustainability Report will help to present and sum up the responsible choices we have made to promote an active lifestyle, and provide the reader with insights into our challenges, successes and what we are doing to act sustainably along the whole of our value chain.

Sustainability recommendations

At Stadium we work hard to ensure that our production has as little impact on the environment as possible. And there are also a few things you can do as a consumer, since a textile product affects the environment for the whole of its lifetime.

Information about Stadium's whistleblower function and how to report anonymously can be found here.