Sustainability recommendations

At Stadium we work hard to ensure that our production has as little impact on the environment as possible. And there are also a few things you can do as a consumer, since a textile product affects the environment for the whole of its lifetime.

Extend the life of your clothing

We work hard to ensure that our production has as little impact on the environment as possible. But there are also a few things you can do as a consumer to help the environment, such as looking after your clothes – because clothing affects the environment for the whole of its lifetime and the longer you can keep it in use, the better. Here are a few tips!

Only launder when necessary

You can save wear and tear on the environment and your garment by holding off on the laundry until your clothes are really dirty. Instead, you can air your clothes, brush them off and remove small marks with a damp cloth instead of popping them in the washing machine unnecessarily. You’ll be doing the environment a huge favour.

Fill the machine properly

One simple rule: only ever run the washing machine with a full load. If you’re not sure what full means, a top tip is that you should be able to insert your clenched fist above the dirty laundry without pushing the clothes down. A properly filled machine will also cause fewer fibres and microplastics to be released during washing.

Use a washing bag

Using a GuppyFriend washing bag will extend the life of your clothing. It will also capture microfibres that become detached in the wash. You can then collect these up and put them in the bin or sort them for plastic recycling. Washing bag

Use a colder wash

Always use as low a temperature as possible. Our garments are labelled with the highest permitted temperature, but sometimes the water doesn’t need to be quite so hot. Washing at 30°C or 40°C will usually get things perfectly clean.

Choose only eco-labelled laundry detergent

Laundry detergent that is free from phosphates and optical whiteners is the most eco-friendly choice. Always follow the dosing instructions on the detergent pack, since too much detergent can produce poor results and make it difficult for the washing machine to rinse it all out. Preferably avoid using fabric conditioner.

Air-dry your laundry

A tumble dryer consumes a huge amount of energy and also causes a lot of wear on clothing. Air-drying is much kinder to the environment and makes your laundry smell wonderful!

Dry-clean as little as possible

Stadium only sells products that can be laundered in a regular washing machine. But if you have clothing that needs to be dry-cleaned, there are ways to reduce the environmental impact so that no unnecessary chemicals are used and discharged into nature. There are eco-aware dry-cleaning establishments that have less of an impact on the environment, so choose one of these if you can.

Don’t throw your sports gear away

Through Human Bridge and the re:activate initiative in our stores, we seek to breathe new life into products that our customers no longer need. We welcome all sports products and clothing, however worn out or broken, and gift them to those in need. Sports products you no longer have a use for can be dropped into the collection boxes that can be found in all of Stadium’s stores. This way you can give someone a chance for a better life while at the same time helping to save the planet’s resources. Everything that you donate is sent off for re-use or recycling.