Support the Earth

Support the Earth involves taking responsibility for human rights, workers’ rights, the environment and combating corruption throughout the entire production chain. The aim is to reduce the negative impact on the environment and on people’s health and well-being. Among other aspects, this involves production, transportation, logistics and real estate. We collaborate with several other companies and organisations, because we believe we are stronger together in driving to reduce our environmental impact and improve working conditions, and so contribute to a more secure world.


Climate-neutral in our own business by 2025

50% reduction in the carbon footprint of our own brands by 2025

50% reduction in our total carbon footprint by 2030

Responsible production

We accept responsibility for ensuring that all the products we sell are socially, environmentally and ethically sustainable. This requires clear guidelines and close collaboration with our suppliers, in terms of both our own production and the production of the external brands.

Strategic guidelines

We have a focus on making our products last longer, in the best interests of the environment. Checks on quality, sustainability, safety and chemicals are constantly carried out on all our products.

Logistics and energy

We are constantly reducing the amount of material used to pack and transport our products, and we work with suppliers and partners to make distribution as green as possible.


Being a big sports chain is a big responsibility. We need to ensure that our products are made with respect for human rights and under good working conditions, and that our environmental footprint is as small as possible. Since we are a sports company with a mission to help the world become more active, we also have a responsibility to invest in initiatives and projects that inspire people to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.