Just nu! 20% rabatt på golf

Erbjudandet gäller på stadium.se t.o.m. den 24/6 2021. Erbjudandet gäller på ordinariepriser, dock ej på elektronik eller produkter som levereras direkt från våra samarbetspartners. Erbjudandet gäller ej i kombination med andra rabatter/erbjudanden, vid köp av föreningsprodukter, på Stadium Outlet eller stadiumoutlet.se. Rabatten dras av i kassan.

Giltigt t.o.m. 2021-06-24

Just nu! 20% rabatt på golf Villkor

Our ethical responsibility

A fur-free Stadium

In 2001 Stadium made the decision to become a fur-free retail chain. Through an agreement with the organization, Djurens Rätt, we have committed to stop selling in our stores any products containing animal fur. This includes both our own brands and products from external brands.


Stadium distances itself from all unethical treatment of animals in the production process. We do not accept mulesing (an action performed on sheep in Australia aimed at preventing them from being attacked by flies) and we only sell woollen jumpers, socks and functional undergarments that use wool that is documented as being mulesing-free.

BPA and bioplastics

All plastic water bottles sold at Stadium are Bisphenol A (BPA)-free and made from safe materials approved for foodstuffs in accordance with EU directives on plastics and packaging that come in contact with foodstuffs. In addition, all of our own plastic bottles are made from bioplastics.

Plastic is made from ethanol. Ethanol is extracted by processing conventional oil or bio-based materials – in our case, Brazilian sugar cane.

Ethylene is made from the ethanol and it is then processed into plastic granulate.

Bioplastics are like regular plastics. The characteristics and labeling are the same, but the raw material is renewable – contrary to oil. Thus, the advantages of using bioplastics are that it comes from a renewable source and can be recycled together with regular plastics.

The triangular symbol of arrows is a universal recycling symbol that shows you how plastic material should be recycled and the type of plastic from which a product is made. Our bottles are all marked with a number 2 inside this symbol, which means that they are produced from HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

Antibacterial compounds

With the growing public health awareness of the pathogenic effects, malodors and stain formations caused by microorganisms, there is an increasing use of antibacterial materials in many application areas. All active substances in biocidal products are serious environmental hazards and most of them are also serious health hazards. Due to these intrinsic properties of these active substances and to the associated use of biocidal products, risks to humans, animals and the environment may arise.

We want to eliminate the health and environmental risks by minimizing the use of antibacterial compounds in goods supplied by us. Due to reports (e.g. done by the Swedish Chemical Agency -KEMI) we see no reason and no added value to include antibacterial agents in our products since they don’t contribute to any vital properties that are of clinical nature.

It is our responsibility as a retailer to control and prevent any risk that can cause any harm. By excluding antibacterial materials we can provide our customers with safe and more environmentally friendly products.


We will be working on phasing out all soft PVC material from our assortment over the course of 2016. We are thoroughly testing the products in our current assortment to make sure they do not exceed the amounts of phthalates that are regulated by law.