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Bangladesh ACCORD

In 2014, Stadium signed the Accord – an initiative for the purpose of creating safer and better work environments for textile factory workers in Bangladesh. The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh (the Accord) is an independent, legally binding agreement between global brands designed to enable a working environment in which no worker needs to fear building collapses, fires or other accidents that can be prevented with the right safety measures.

All factories are audited by independent inspectors, and all inspection reports and corrective action plans are open to the public. If a safety breach is found, the company in question commits to funding sufficient improvements and repairs, while factory employees receive their wages throughout the process.

We have been actively working to improve fire and building safety together with our suppliers for a long time, and this is another natural step in the right direction towards helping development in third world countries in a responsible way. So far, more than 190 brands have signed the agreement – thus creating a safer work environment for roughly 2 million workers in 1,600 factories.

Find out more at http://bangladeshaccord.org/.